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NHL Hockey
Ottawa Senators
Team Canada.

Favourite Sens:
Erik Karlsson
Kyle Turris.

Favourite Former Sens:
Daniel Alfredsson
Marian Hossa

Other Favourites:
♥ Goalies
Jarome Iginla
Gabriel Landeskog
Evgeni Malkin.

live motion hockey cards (6 of ?)

it’s the little things

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@Anonymous": I like this trend of youngest kid in the ice challenges being like yeahhh how about I don't dump water on my head"


looool how precious





Andrew Ference taking the challenge to the next level. (video)

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ugh stupid fucking puck bunnies ruining the game




i bet they don’t even know what offsides is

… a quick shot by Sharp, but Quick is sharp as well

— the best thing i’ve ever heard announced during a hockey game (USA vs Canada during Sochi 2014)

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My friends tell me Michael Buble gave me a shout out at his concert last night,  Said I was hot or something like that.  

Thanks Michael, lets have dinner some time.

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